Warning Signs You Need A New Roof​​
The roof, being exposed to environmental conditions, is bound to be damaged at some point as it ages. Fortunately, problems don’t occur abruptly but progress slowly over time, giving you an opportunity to address them before they become major. Look out for these warning signs and contact our expert roofers to help you keep your home warm, cozy and leak-free.

1.  Curling Shingles
Shingles curling is a sign of potential leaks, and although it is not an emergency, you may need to replace your roof within five years. It occurs in two different ways:
· Cupping where the shingle edges turn upwards
· Clawing where the middle comes up while the edges remain flat
When shingle edges start curling, or the shingle tabs start cupping, it often occurs on the entire roof and necessitates a new roof. Isolated curling may, however, be dealt with by replacement as you buy time before replacing the roof.

2.  Missing Shingles
When you have entire shingles missing, it may be time to think about getting our roofers to sort you out. You may opt for replacement of only the missing shingles if your roof is relatively new. The problem comes in when the roof has been there for some time which makes it difficult to match the colors. The shingles change in color over time with exposure to environmental conditions, and new shingles will, therefore, stand out. You will need to replace the roof when your roof starts looking like a checkerboard because of shingle replacement.

3.  Missing Granules
Granules protect the asphalt from direct sunlight and therefore missing granules leaves your shingles baking in the sun which accelerates their aging. You can watch out for falling granules in two ways:
· Bald spots which indicate that granules are missing
· Granules in the gutter on a roof that is not new
Finding granules in the gutter for a new roof is not a problem because they are just the loose extra granules that fall off. However, when the roof has been in place for some time, it becomes a warning sign.

4.  Sunlight Passing Through
Climb up your attic and inspect the roof to find out if it is letting any sunlight to pass through. If it can permit light then probably it is allowing cold air, rain, and snow through. Inspect for water stains which is an indicator of an active leak. Because of the severe damage that is imminent, you may need to get it checked out by experts. 

5.  Cracked Shingles
In case you are wondering what causes the cracking of your shingles, then know it is wind damage. Most homeowners panic when they notice broken shingles, however, it is not an emergency. All you need to do is get our experts to inspect it for free, and we will discuss with you the options you have which include:
· Replacing the cracked shingles if the problem is confined to just a few of the shingles
· Replacing the entire roof if the problem is random all over your roof

6.  Moss and Algae
You may notice moss growing in areas that receive less sunlight and especially when you live in a cool, moist climate. It shouldn’t worry you that much because it is mostly a cosmetic issue. However, you need to note that the moss holds moisture in and results in damage to granules and shingles in the long run. The moss may be brushed off carefully or roof replaced with moss resistant shingles.
Airborne algae may cause dark streaks on your roof. Again it is more of a cosmetic problem. Refrain from power washing or scrapping it off because you will damage the granules. You need to wash it off with 50:50 blend or bleach and water. 

7.  Shingles Over 20 years 
The average lifespan of asphalt shingles is between 20 and 30 years. Although designed with durability as the goal, exposure to various environmental conditions and many other factors will accelerate their aging. When your roof has been in place for over 20 years, then it is about time you thought about replacing it within ten years to avoid potential problems.

8.  Neighbors Replacing their Roofs
If you notice your neighbors getting new roofs on their houses that were built around the same time as yours, then it is about time you did the same. Because your roofs have been exposed to the same environmental conditions, if they noticed issues then you too may be about to start experiencing the same problems so why not go ahead and get it sorted beforehand.

9.  Entire Roof Sagging
When you notice this warning sign, then it is time to panic. You may not be in danger, but the implication of a sagging roof goes beyond just the shingles. It is indicative of a structural issue. It could be an issue with the support of your foundation or the decking in your attic. It is, however, a problem that needs to be addressed immediately before it progresses. You will need roofers on the site as soon as possible.

10. Old and Worn Roof
Lastly, when you get home every day and notice that your roof is old and worn, you may need to get a new one in place. Although it may not give you any problems, you may just need to replace it because you need your home looking beautiful. In case a problem develops, it will develop exponentially fast when it is an old and worn roof. To be on the safe side, you may need to put a new roof on your To-Do-List so that you get it sorted before it is too late. 

Home is where your heart is and keeping it safe, leak-free and beautiful is essential. The problem will not develop overnight, and therefore when you know the warning signs to look out for, you will get issues sorted before they become worse. It is more cost-effective when done that way, and it will save you from stress. In case you find any of the above warning signs or any other problem, contact us today for a free roof inspection by our expert roofers. We will determine the extent of the problem and discuss with you the options you have.